Our Parent Comfort Basket Recipients

We cant always have photos of our parent baskets, but when we do. We love to share them. These are not only parents, they are warriors along side their children. Parents fight along side their child, pediatric cancer takes a toll on the entire family. This is why we want to support child and family during such a difficult time.

 Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!


Our First Parent Comfort Basket

May 30, 2018 is when we delivered our very first parent comfort basket. It was an honor to meet this little warrior and his mom.

June 2018 Parent Comfort Baskets.

In the month of June we were able to deliver not 1.....not 2... BUT 3 parent comfort baskets! These went to 2 moms and a dad. We are so happy that we could help so many families at once. Each bag included gifts for their little warriors too!

July 2018 Parent Comfort Basket.

"Great basket!" The patients mother loved her basket. Patient and mother LOVE the kitty! "So cool how it lights up and purrs. He plans to prank his brother with it!"

Thank you for sharing your photo with us!

August 2018 Parent Comfort Basket.

August 23rd we delivered a parent comfort basket on Yvonne's 17th birthday. We got to meet our warrior momma and gave her a big Orange Ribbon hug! 

October 2018 Parent Comfort Baskets & Child's Gifts of Hope Basket

October we deliver two parent comfort baskets. Two sets of parents supporting one beautiful young lady through her journey. This young lady had mom & step dad, and dad & step mom all working together to support their girl during a difficult time.

Thank you for your continued help! 

November 2018 Parent Comfort & Gifts of Hope Basket 

This is the Swearingens. They are our very first out of state basket. Mrs. Swearingens son receives treatment at Norton's Children's Hospital in Kentucky. They're our first family to be ORF ambassadors.

Thanks for being part of Team Monk!!    

December Parent Comfort & Childs Gifts of Hope Baskets.

December was a special month!!! We delivered to a family at Dorenbecher Children's Hospital in Portland OR. We also was able to help that family with a Christmas tree for their little warriors room and had a special Orange Ribbon Elf adopt the family for Christmas. The may had to spend Christmas in the hospital, but we made sure they could fill their tree with gifts. 

We also had some help with delivering 6 Parent Comfort Baskets and Gifts of Hope baskets to Seattle's Children Hospital. Thank you 

Crystal for delivering to Dorenbecher. Thank you Steve and Monica for delivering to Seattle's Children Hospital during Christmas.