Frances C.

Donating toys and handmade bracelets.

Thank you!

Deeann P.

20 Handmade blankets and 50 character pillow cases.

Thank you!

Michelle F.

Our very first donation was made by Michelle. She donated 23 pairs of headphones for parent comfort baskets.

Thank you!

Love Your Melon

Love your melon generously donated 40 beanies! We hope to make Birthday gift bags for Yvonne's 17th birthday on August 23rd. These would be included in the bags and given to each child on the Oncology/Hematology floor.

Thank You!

Crystal A.

Crystal generously donated hygiene products & baskets for our parent comfort baskets. 

Thank you!


This donor would like to stay anonymous. She had donated hygiene products for parent comfort baskets.

Thank you!

Donita O.

Donita donated craft supplies & decorations for both parent comfort baskets and crafts for the children.

Thank you!‚Äč