The Crew‚Äč

Making dreams become reality. 

Yvonne B-A.


Yvonne's' ambition to start her own foundation was fierce. She worked very hard to raise funds to make Parent Comfort Baskets. Yvonne always thought of other people and wanted to help everyone. Today her vision is coming to life.

Tiffany B-A.


Tiffany strong determination to make sure Yvonne's dream comes true. Tiffany works diligently to bring the foundation to light. Tiffany organizes the parent comfort baskets. Works on sponsors, donations, and partnerships. 

Email: [email protected]

Crystal A.


Crystal works hard to make sure Yvonne's dream becomes a reality. Crystal is a contact person for donations in Portland, Oregon. She also deliverers the baskets to the Pediatric Oncology/Hematology floor.

Email: [email protected]

Tonya R.

Board Member

Tonya is our Washington team member. She helps with fundraising, partnerships, sponsorships and supporting Orange Ribbon. If you are in the Washington area this will be your go to gal!

Email: [email protected]

Jessica W.

Team Memeber

Jessica has been dedicated to make Orange Ribbon a successful foundation. She is located and helps in Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. Jessica is a contact for media, donations, sponsorships and fundraising. 

Email: [email protected]